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‘The Blaze’ Encore - Spoken Word Feature


“Michael Lee is a poet of rock bottoms and reclamations. His work, which is both genuine and well crafted, is a reminder that even at our darkest moments, revery is possible. Lee, with a survivor’s grim knowledge and a mystic’s ecstatic testament to hope, writes poems that are a source of good in the world.” -Michael Mlekoday, National Poetry Slam Champion,
						Instructor at Kansas State University
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It’s like a mix of poetic words, music and hiphop. It’s a movement and state of mind -

Michael Lee has been gracefully crashing through life in Minnesota since 1988. A once frequenter of Emergency Rooms and other dimensions of existence and other such things he has been making his way more slowly and more peacefully since 09/29/08. He is one of Minnesota’s top performance poets, placing 3rd in collegiate nationals (CUPSI) representing The University of Minnesota, 2nd in adult regionals representing Minneapolis, and is recently placed top 20 in the world at the Individual World Poetry Slam.  Michael was a finalist, and one of the youngest, for the 2010 LOFT Literary Centers' Mentor Series in Poetry and Creative Prose. Michael has performed at rehabs, schools and shelters around the state. He is a youth counselor at a homeless shelter in North Minneapolis where he learns the difference between swimming and drowning. Sometimes he teaches poetry there, sometimes he performs it in the kitchen, and he may or may have not accidentally convinced youth that he is a professional skateboarder. They refuse to believe that he isn't. Michael has recently completed a book of poems and is working on finishing his first novel. You can contact him at or summon him with war horn or the promise of a good hug.
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