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‘The Blaze’ Encore - Music Feature


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The Farewell Circuit’s music can be described as Indie Rock, something like a mixture of Death Cab, Sigor Ros, and Radiohead. They were recently featured on Coldplay’s website!

The Farewell Circuit is made up of Geoff Hartnell, DJ House, & Danny O'Brien. Sometimes they are helped by their friends George Hadfield, Alex Young, & Dan Lawonn.

It can be said that The Farewell Circuit is guilty of having a ridiculous amount of gear. “Birdless Sky” the band’s debut LP is a somber collection of wintery songs recorded by the band in their Minneapolis basement studio dubbed “The Yellow Room.” The songs themselves are given a sonic identity through unique instrumentation, graceful vocals, and earnest songwriting.

“If Birdless Sky demonstrates The Farewell Circuit’s promise, Brother’s Eyes is evidence of its growth. What is remarkable about Brother’s Eyes is that it was released 8 months after Birdless Sky, but reflects substantial growth and begins to fulfill the promise cultivated in its predecessor. This is a band worth getting to know. The results of their collective efforts are beautiful, complex arrangements that are accessible as they are original.” The Dadada

“Out of Minneapolis, The Farewell Circuit creates warm indie pop to go with astonishingly lush, electronic backgrounds. The bells and keys give the sound a bout of melancholy as well as its momentous drive, and the tenor vocals rarely overpower the floating instrumentation. Easily accessible, yet not without a darker merit, The Farewell Circuit will surely stick with you in times of despair and desire; the longing sense you want and need is present in every song.”

“...a melancholy batch of indie pop songs in the vein of Copeland, Radiohead, and Death Cab for Cutie. But dig a little deeper and you will find a collection of passionately intimate, angry, pleading songs about collapsing worldviews and insistent, burgeoning ideology..” Minneapolis City Pages

“It’s a sad, hoping hearted, truly loveable album...”

“If you have any inclination towards bands like Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead – basically any indie-pop act – you will enjoy their CD. The boys from Minneapolis put their work into this disc and it shows in the songs. Each track is different and brings something new to the table, a skill that is lost on many indie-pop acts.”

“Danny O'Brien's voice has the sentiment and fragility of Ben Gibbard, but the oh-so-carefully constructed arrangement, which sounds as if the entire thing might immediately collapse if one sliver slips or falls askance, is filled with a yearning that even boyish hipsters Death Cab For Cutie can't contend with it.” International Sock Monkey

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