Rhett Romsaas

Rhett Romsaas - Freddie Goone

Rhett Romsaas grew up, and continues to try to do so, with comedy as both an outlet for creativity and relaxation. As a boy, he was constantly keeping up with In Living Color (with Jim Carrey, his self-proclaimed role model) and Saturday Night Live. When "Dumb and Dumber" hit the big screen, Romsaas was ten years old and loved every minute of it.

Romsaas started out his film career in early 2005 with the film "ENOLA," a story about a young man, Eric Miles (played by Romsaas), who is coming to terms with the tragic loss of his mother. He continued through 2008 with such films as "Suzi's Party," "Steady," and "Children of the Apocalypse" (his personal favorite). Romsaas is very excited to be working with Director/Co-writer Matt Cici and the rest of the cast and crew on LAMBENT FUSE.

As of late, Romsaas has completed four levels or improvisational comedy at The Brave New Workshop in Uptown, Minneapolis. After his fourth level, he auditioned for Six Ring Circus (an eight team improv performance group) and was accepted. He has been working with "Children of the Apocalypse" Director Michael Ahrens, on "Delta Brigade" and "The National Bank of Dead Presidents," both of which are short comedy voice-over sketches, with the hopes of submission to Cartoon Network.
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