Lt. Phillip Richter
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NAME: Lt. Phillip Richter (Matthew Feeney)
AGE: 36
STATUS: Single
RESIDENCE: Mendota Heights, MN
CHARACTER TRAITS: Ambitious, corrupt, domineering, intelligent, precise, selfish, uncouth, and worried.
STYLE: A very good fashion sense, with a taste of professionalism in all his attire.
MUSIC TASTE: Classic Rock
Phillip Richter was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. He graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology and soon after a local police academy. He often had trouble getting along with his parents and soon left the state along with receiving a job offer as an officer in the Twin Cities. Richter has been serving the same police force for 15 years, gradually obtaining promotions. Richter lives alone in solitude, and so remains in his office most of the time, occasionally going out to spoil himself. He is an intelligent, yet corrupt individual. Due to a recent open case accusing Richter of tampering with police evidence, his long awaited promotion to Captain is being threatened. 

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