Freddie Goone
NAME: Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas)
AGE: 28
STATUS: In a relationship with Allison Swanson (Heidi Fellner)
RESIDENCE: Dinkytown, USA (Minneapolis, MN)
CHARACTER TRAITS: Capable, cooperative, frustrated, honest, independent, insistent, loving, and persevering.
STYLE: Casual yet respectful for the situation.
MUSIC TASTE: Alternative
Freddie Goone grew up with parents that didn't really respect him, yet was blessed with a loving, supportive sister in Emily Goone (Jennifer Mergen). Freddie and Emily bonded closer as years went by and intentionally lost touch with their parents, who got a divorce while the two were in college. Freddie graduated with a B.A. in Accounting, locking in an internship during his schooling that taught him the tricks of the trade.
Freddie is currently a freelance bookkeeper, living comfortably with his girlfriend of two years, Allison Swanson (Heidi Fellner), in a small apartment in the Twin Cities. All three, (Allison, Freddie, and Emily) often go out on the town, celebrating achievements and enjoying life. He is a very romantic type of guy who loves to provide and share everything, and has a sensation for sticking up for people. He will fight for what's right.
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