Allison Swanson
NAME: Allison Swanson* (Heidi Fellner)
AGE: 26
STATUS: In a relationship with Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas)
RESIDENCE: Dinkytown, USA (Minneapolis, MN)
CHARACTER TRAITS: Persistent, affectionate, wise, and sly
STYLE: Layered (greens, blacks, oranges, and browns)
MUSIC TASTE: 1920s American
As a woman with kleptomania, Allison has an obsession with collecting an assortment of artifacts. It feeds her desire for self-gratification; she feels she deserves these items, and appropriation provides her with a sense of entitlement from society.

Allison and Freddie have been living together during most of their two-year relationship by the start of the film. She's an employee at a retail outlet for over 9 years, working as an associate and occasionally a manager on duty. Recent and tragic events cause Allison to struggle maintaining her relationship with Freddie and keeping her job.

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*Emily Fradenburgh played the role of Allison Swanson in Pre-Production.Heidi_Fellner.htmlFreddie_Goone.htmlRhett_Romsaas.html,+USA&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=47.080837,89.033203&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Dinkytown,+Minneapolis,+Minnesota&z=15Freddie_Goone.html
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